Finished!  The production of Midsummer Night’s Dream was a smash hit, and the kids were totally on, thrilled to be wearing the costumes and speaking the words that I wrote onstage.  It was amazing to have someone come and make my translation of Shakespeare real (the people at West Theatre came and directed it and made it all happen).  It was totally exciting.  And I left the Shakespeare in during the important parts (particularly when the fairies were talking).

And here’s a picture of my younger daughter, who made a huge splash with her amazing personification of Puck.  It needed very little dressing up, so her costume was one of the simplest.  I have other pictures of the awesome fairies but need to get permission to put them up…!


Well, where do I start?  My father’s cancer operation and its horrific aftermath? The painful return of the family business? The moment when my mother and I finally believed my father was better, and promptly both got sick?  Or, when all began to settle down, the biannual school play (Midsummer Night’s Dream) for which I not only wrote the translation into modern English (well, except for certain passages), but I’m also doing costumes (pictures to follow).

Suffice to say, I’ve been interrupted.  I’m not writing at the moment: I’m taking a breather.

Except, there’s this ongoing narrative going on in my head, because before all the shit hit the fan, I started plotting out this new novel project, and it’s in there, humming at me.  I see connections between ideas I’ve had while I’m driving; I get sudden insights into characters I haven’t even begun to plot; the spores are taking root in the back of my head.  I have a feeling when I really do sit down, butt in chair, it’s all going to come pouring out like a huge wave.

And right now? I’m making fake dreadlocks; I’m ripping t-shirts; I’m collecting tutus and fairy wings and making leather corsets. Because my fairies are going to be badass cybergoths, and the humans are mostly Steampunk.  And the kids love it.

And you know what?  I’m going to start blogging again, because I just saw Amanda Palmer talk about asking (see below), and about giving, and I think I know that path now.  I may not be good at talking, but I can write.  So I’m going to.

A very cool interview of me by the awesome Maeve Alpin will be up on January 16th at Steamed!.  I’m excited to be seen by the Steampunk community, and hope you will all go check it out.  It’s a pretty fun interview.

I’m due to be interviewed on Bruce Bratton’s Universal Grapevine show this Tuesday night at 7:30.  I know you can listen to it via live streaming, if you’re so inclined.  Check it out if you can!  I’ll be talking about the background for Songs for a Machine Age, and possibly a little bit about the prequel and the other book I’m working on now.

Back Again, I Hope

Been dealing with some rather extreme family issues on top of the book release (and a terrible cold) recently and it’s made me quite silent, for which I apologize!  I am here, and can be poked into response.  My hope …