Coming home from abroad


I came back from two months of traveling the night before last, and there was a lot of emotional weight to the homecoming, because I hadn’t been particularly happy when I left. So after the whirlwind of amazing adventures I’ve had, it’s very strange to be plopped right back down into my old routine, as if nothing had happened.

I’ve decided I don’t like this life. I’m going to change it. Here’s what I’m going to do:

— Ask my husband to point out old patterns in my interaction with him as they happen, so I can change them.
— Go outside more. Go hiking, go biking, go camping. These are all things I enjoy but never seemed to take the time to do.
— Save my money, rather than spend it on something fleeting and unnecessary. So if I see that cool t shirt in CVS, I really don’t have to shell out the $10, even if that’s really cheap. Two of those would probably pay for a night’s stay in Thailand, and which one would I rather have, Thailand, or a t shirt?
— Sit down and write when I get that antsy feeling, rather than surfing or watching stuff. Write more blog posts, tweets, whatever. Anything rather than sit around wishing I was finishing my novel. Maybe if I keep my fingers busy I’ll actually finish the novel. Anything’s better than watching stuff.
— Offload some of my responsibilities. This means getting my daughter to take care of her bunny or get rid of it, for example, and not doing the costumes for the school play. Stuff like that.
— Finally start that business I’ve been talking about and dinking around with a business plan for. I’ve already got inquiries out about studio space, and I’m working on the designs for my first tents. I don’t think I want to simply retire from my job when I’m 65 — I want something more fulfilling than that, sooner than that.
— Keep up my word count. Maybe having a studio will help with this.

Whew. Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to start working on tent patterns…

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