Environment in a Book

Yusuke Oono, a Japanese artist, has discovered an amazing way to take the book form and make little environments out of it.  He calls them 360 degree books: you open them and fan them out into a round, and then his laser-cut pages come to life, creating incredibly intimate little scenes.
 Here is Jungle Book, from the outside in:

This one is called Sweet Home:
Here we have In a Cheese:

 There are many, many more pictures on his website.  They’re so interior, they satisfy my instinct for secret little places; for odd, non-rectilinear architecture. Makes me want to get a lasercutter!

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2 Responses to Environment in a Book

  1. hula-la says:

    I am loving this…totally amazing!

  2. Intriguing. Thanks for sharing, Heather. It's good to see you're blogging here again.

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