What Ever Happened to Dog Carts?

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I happened across this some time ago, at Terrierman’s Daily Dose.  He has a large number of old photos of dogcarts all around the world; mostly they are carts for milk delivery or other kinds of small delivery, pulled by one or more dogs.

An example of a milk cart, full of canisters.  The unhitched terrier is probably a guard dog.
 Dog cart mobile tea delivery, Brussels, with three dog team.
Dog cart postcard, Quebec.
There are lots more pictures on his blog; check it out.  He is a great believer in working dogs; in fact, the blog is connected with his website about working terriers: his hobby or possibly profession is hunting groundhogs, foxes, etc in their holes using terriers (often the prey are caught around farms and relocated to wilder areas).  

2 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Dog Carts?

  1. This post brought to mind another blogger that I follow (sweet-juniper.com). He made a dog cart for his dog to pull and his small children to ride around Detroit in. Links to the dog cart posts (including videos) can be found at http://www.sweet-juniper.com/2012/02/winter-math.html.

    Coincidentally, he also has some great photos of the interiors of abandoned buildings in Detroit (http://www.sweet-juniper.com/2007/11/it-will-rise-from-ashes.html).

    Thanks for writing an always fascinating blog!

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